“Fail”words :(

13 Jul

Don’t you just hate it when you get a reminder that you have to change your password????? Annnnnnnnd you have to have an alphanumeric combination with a dash of capitals!!!!!!!!! And on top of that it should not have been used in the past 5 passwords and on top of that Management still has access to your e-mails!! Is there anything more pointless in the world???? Honestly, we need to hire full time people thinking up new passwords for us!

I do understand the necessity of having a password but this is taking it a bit too far. I reckon if I stand five minutes they’ll put a password on me!!!! For people like my husband it is easy!! The guy’s got great memory and does very little online banking, is not interested in social networking sites. Besides he gets me to remember whatever few he has!!!! What about me?!?!?! I do all the banking so I must remember the pass codes. And the numbers are a random pick and have absolutely nothing to do with you or anything you like!!!

And the cards!!! My God that just peeves me no end. Gone are days of the dainty purses!!! I go through purses like you won’t believe it. A new purse starts to bulge the moment I leave the store with it. Cards cards cards… cards for licences, Ids, banks, credit unions, Hotel access, hire car, Medicare, hospital access – you name it they have it… Add to that loyalty cards from Department stores, supermarkets gyms!!! And the worst thing is that each one must have a separate password. Goodness gracious me!!!

Then there is the gadgets. Phones, tablets, laptops, iPhones, iPads everything is password protected. And these days we have multiple accounts and multiple passwords to get in. There is a password to protect your personal internet from hackers. Then there is your e-mails. I for one am an info junkie, so I visit sites for medical journals, Economic Times etc which are paid subscription sites so obviously plenty of them are password protected.
Even my kitchen is apparently hackable! My microwave has a password for child lock, the oven has a password to activate the timer. The burglar alarm is password protected… Honestly just doing this article makes me wonder how I have survived thus far and why is there no work being done on capturing the knowledge???? What will my family do should I suddenly lose my memory??? oooops.

Its time for a solution guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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