The gush of rush…

16 Jul

I have met some people who are so motivated… They just ooze with enthusiasm and think they can do anything – and do!!!!! I have some sort of motivation issue. Maybe it’s not really an issue. I am not by any stretch of imagination lazy. But honestly, I’d rather be way more productive. I’d rather make noticeable leaps and bounds in my life on a daily basis but I can’t seem to get the fire to do so. I love being productive and being able to say my life has improved since the previous day. I don’t like napping because I think at some level I feel like I’m wasting my time where I could be getting something done.

Every now and again, I get deeply motivated. I could walk out of a movie theatre with a fire in me to do something different. Or, I could walk out of a show and go “man I really need to do something more with my life.” Or maybe walk out after a particularly active lap session in a pool thinking “boy, I can do this every day, no worries.”. I realize that’s probably not totally attainable, but I want to be shooting for that. For a short time after this enlightening experience, I have a massive urge to work out like I’m in boot camp, suck up knowledge like I’m still in school, and just in general, be a better person and improve my life by a great deal every day.

However, this massive adrenaline rush to be something more only lasts for a relatively short time. I am like a Soda bottle… bubbling and fizzy in a rush and then phusssssssssssss…. I wish I could somehow wake up the following day in the same mindset. That doesn’t happen. If I have made up my mind to swim, by the next morning, the only thing I am swimming in is self pity at the inability to find time!!! If I have thought up a plan for an event in an Adrenaline rich moment, I am telling myself a thousand reasons why it cannot succeed, the next.

I wonder how some people are constantly motivated to achieve new things, scale greater heights. How come they never burn out? How come the already successful and motivated people are more successful and motivated? Why can’t I get motivated and stay motivated? How can I keep that motivation fire burning within me? I want that improve-myself adrenaline that I feel from time to time ALL the time, not just for the rest of the night until I go to bed.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

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