A beautiful mind

09 Aug

The Buddha compared the endless chattering in our heads as we jump from thought to thought, analyze our relationships, or worry over the future with a monkey. But I would rather compare it with a butterfly. The butterfly – a tiny beautiful life of million colours forming different shades as it flutters by. It has no fixed destinations. It sits on what it pleases and flies when its interest ceases. Not being vain, but that seems so much more like me than a monkey does:)

Just like the butterfly, beautifully coloured with a zillion thoughts. Fluttering in different directions. Restless at one time and focused as it rests. Moving from one thought to another one interest to another. Sometimes lazing deliciously munching on leaves mindlessly waiting for that moment to let wings adorn it. Each artistic thought, every creative bend waiting for that moment to turn from a cylindrical single coloured mass to a colourful butterfly with ability to fly as it pleases?

As I watched a kid in the playground trying to hold the butterfly by clipping its wings- I realised how each one of us endeavours to hold the mind to one thing. Consciously trying to focus, hold on to a thought. But like the delicate colourful wings of a butterfly the thought gets mangled by the pinch of the hold. We lose the focus we crave, become weak and just like that poor butterfly with the damaged wings the mind rests, paralyzed.

The trick is to let it go. Free to fly and to move once again. Sometimes in herds and sometimes alone. And like that beautiful creature it flies frantically in different directions, shifts places, takes positions, sits near the light or sits in the dark, flies around a flower and finally settles on a wall, our minds too, roams around, moving nimbly from thought to thought until it gracefully perches itself on the fence of life thinking freely and creatively. This time it stays calm and focussed because we let it roam freely. Flamboyant and flashy when its wandering and grounded, focussed, creative and productive when it comes back.

A monkey lives because it moves! To stop its chatter is to be unnatural. The mind is far more fragile just like this delicate butterfly. It needs to be light and sans of the weight of guilt, regret and hatred. The lighter it is the higher it flies

Mind like a butterfly is beautiful in its diversity. The thoughts like shades of colour should add beauty to the destination where the mind like a butterfly rests. The beautiful butterfly- the beautiful mind…


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2 responses to “A beautiful mind

  1. hotshot bald cop

    August 30, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    Now that is some excellent writing.

  2. hotshot bald cop

    September 1, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Good points


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