The Routine Guillotine….

22 Feb

Routine…. I wake up at the same time everyday, make coffee that tastes exactly the same, leave home at the same time, take the same car, park it at the same spot in the station, between the same two cars. I walk to the station and look up at the same spot to see what time it is and it is always 6:21:06!!!! I go through the gate to the same platform and get into the same train at the same box and sit in the same seat (it actually bugs me when the seat is taken by someone else:)). The train reaches all the stations at exactly the sme time and gets me to work at exactly the same time. I come down the escalator and at the intersection look up at my building and think to myself each and everyday, “Jeez how unimaginative was the person who designed this monstrosity!!!” and cross at the red light (!!) and into the office. The same people are already there and the day starts in exactly the same way!!!!!!!!!!! Goes on the same way… The same breakfast (peanut butter sandwich), the same spreadsheets ( i remember how distressed I was when we went from 2003 to 2007 excel!!), lunch at the same time with the same people, out of work at the same time come home in exactly the same way and follow the same routine at home too, calling it a day at exactly 9:15 each night!!!!!!!

It is so routine that I am predictable with precision!!!! How boring!!!!!!!!!! What do I do for a living?!?!?! Ironic that I am a Change Agent!!! I change mind sets to accept new and more effective work methods. And I actually love my job!!! Yet you change one single thing in the equation of my day and my day falls apart!!!!!!!! If I have late doctor’s appointment I don’t go to work all day!!!! If I have an early meeting with a teacher I take the rest of the day off!!! If I am taking someone with me I start screaming the moment the other person looks like he might delay me!!! Its ridiculous… I keep asking myself why???? Why this Kolaveri Di????? Why this love affair with a routine which is clearly my own choice…

The answer mostly is comfort. Routine maybe boring but it gives us a false sense of security–a firm scaffolding to hold you up and keep you going. But routines are great… until they’re not. At some point these routines change from being comforting to being constricting. They can drag you down if we don’t break them and re-form them from time to time. Routines become so pleasant and comfortable that we stop becoming creative. Usually we forget why we had those routines to start with (starting work early was so that I could be home early when the kids were young). Sometimes you put these mindless routines above everything else!!!! Somehow the mental chatter seems louder when everything is routine!

What happened to the adrenaline rush and the thrill of something new and exciting???? I want to get out of this mould and do something new and exciting!!!! I don’t mean that there should be no routine… but I want to change routines so that the mind has to exercise to keep up in stead of having plenty of time to chatter….


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4 responses to “The Routine Guillotine….

  1. Andrew Tolman

    February 22, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    You have captured the whole routine/treadmill scenario pefectly. I am also a creature of habit and also get upset when that routine is disrupted or changed, no matter how slightly. I believe it is a comfort thing, but my therapist has other ideas!
    Thanks for expressing how many(?) of us feel from time to time. I do have one question though: Smooth or crunchy?

    • iked

      February 22, 2012 at 8:23 pm

      Its a rocky road to routine:) its gotz to be crunchy:))))

      • Andrew Tolman

        February 23, 2012 at 8:52 am

        Mmmmmm. Rocky Road & crunchy peanut butter. Yummy! (but not at the same time) šŸ™‚

      • iked

        February 24, 2012 at 9:01 am

        Rocky Peanut Butter – so unpredictable!!! just like me:)))


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