I have learned….

29 Feb

In everyday life we take so much for granted. To stop and think and thank for what we have few of us do. But even fewer of us learn from everyday things. “What is the secret to that smile of yours?” people often ask me. Or, “Can I have the meds you’re on?” Then why is it that I am so upbeat? Is it because life has given me a bed of roses? Does it, really? Life I mean… does life really grant a bed of roses to anyone? We all have our issues and we deal with it in our own ways. Some get bogged down others laugh it away. A very cool e-mail made me sit up and wonder what it is that we learn from the moment we wake up in our everyday lives…

1. The Roof said                                     Aim high
2. The Fan said                                      Be cool
3. The Sun said                                      Be disciplined
4. The Calendar said                             Be up-to-date
5. The Clock said                                   Every minute is precious
6. The Window said                               Open the mind and let fresh ideas in
7. The Door said                                    Push hard for your goals
8. The Wardrobe said                           Change
9. The Nose in the mirror said              Accept what you can’t change
10. The Mirror said                                Reflect before you act
11. The Bird said                                   Give your dreams wings
12. The Stairs said                                One step at a time; and
13. The Reed in the yard said              Sway to the breeze but break not in tempest

The road to success doesn’t need a GPS just a goal and the determination to achieve it!!!!


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2 responses to “I have learned….

  1. Andrew Tolman

    February 29, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    Here are a few things I heard today…

    14. The Flowers said we are all different yet we are all beautiful.
    15. The Red Traffic Light said stop and look around. It won’t take long.
    16. The Elevator said your day will have ups and downs. Just deal with them.
    17. The Chocolate said forget what the Sun said, have another piece!

  2. Jaya Govindan

    May 9, 2012 at 3:10 pm

    What I learnt last evening…The stealthy cat in our colony was heading towards a tree with low branches and there was a nest tucked in the nook up there. Suddenly all the birds got together and created such a racket that it attracted the attention of people close to the tree. The cat had to slink away and the birds I discovered next morning had removed the nest from there. One of nature’s mysteries. But the underlying lesson was when people get together and create a huge racket… the enemy slinks away.


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