Words of a feather….

18 Apr

When the dictionary first came out, many words were left out as superfluous or too complicated to pronounce. And since the dictionary has come out, new words get invented everyday to suit a situation best!!!!
Here’s a list of words that are out of the ordinary that you might want to use if pushed in a corner 🙂 Know that they are perfectly legit English words! I have provided a sentence as an example just in case the expression on the face of the Strigiformes (that’s a term used to classify owls… bet you didn’t know that 😉 )
1. Groak : Nope its not the past tense of Greek!

Meaning: To silently watch someone while they are eating, hoping to be invited to join them.
As in: It’s hard to enjoy your meal when the guy opposite is groaking you the whole time.

2. Hugger-mugger : I can see you but you can’t see me!

Meaning: To act in a secretive manner.
As in: I’m sick of all these sneaky types, creeping around and hugger-muggering the whole time.

3. Crapulous : Best feeling word to describe a hangover, I never thought was legit!

Meaning: To feel ill because of excessive eating/drinking.
As in: Oh its Sunday morning and I feel just crapulous….

4. Grumpish : More than just grumpy 🙂

Meaning: Sullen.
As in: I’m hungover, and I’ve got a ton of work to do. Think I’m allowed to be grumpish.

5. Jargogle : I’m confused about its origin or need for that matter… Confuse is so much easier!

Meaning: To confuse, bamboozle.
As in: I don’t get string theory. It utterly jargogles my brain.

8. Twattle : Oh wait! Maybe it is the root word for Twitter!

Meaning: To gossip, or talk idly.
As in: I wish you’d quit twattling and get on with your work.

9. Elflock : Dreadlocks?

Meaning: Tangled hair, as if matted by elves.
As in: Jeez, dude, look at the state of those elflocks — have you not heard of a comb?

10.  Gorgonize : Hypnotised by gorgeousness?

Meaning: To have a paralyzing or mesmerizing effect on someone.
As in: Don’t look into his eyes. He’s so charismatic, you’ll be gorgonized.

11. Cockalorum : I am sure we all know one such person!

Meaning: A little man with a high opinion of himself.
As in: He’s a boastful shortarse. Total cockalorum.

12. Snoutfair : So good looking its jus’ not fair!!!!!

Meaning: A good-looking person.
As in: George Clooney? Total snoutfair.

13.  Brabble : “Oh shut up” says it all!!!!

Meaning: To argue loudly about something inconsequential.
As in: I can’t stand Question Time, it always descends into brabbling.

14. Beef – witted : We all know one such person too… 🙂

Meaning: Stupid, imbecilic.
As in: The Only Way Is Essex is a TV show for the terminally beef-witted.

15. Monsterful : Sinfully good?

Meaning: Wonderful and extraordinary.
As in: The Breaking Bad finale was every bit as monsterful as I’d hoped.

16. Callipygian : J Lo!

Meaning: Having beautifully shaped buttocks.
As in: I admire Beyoncé for her musical talent. The fact she is highly callipygian is neither here nor there.

17. Quockerwodger : Well I like Puppet better!

Meaning: A wooden puppet, controlled by strings.
As in: The president has no real power, he is a mere quockerwodger.

18. Curmuring : Oh that embarrassing noise has a name to it?

Meaning: A low rumbling sound produced by the bowels.
As in: Nothing worse than audibly curmuring during a job interview.

19. Slubberdegullion: Oh I love this word… trying to pronounce it now 🙂

Meaning: A slovenly, slobbering person.
Origin: 1650s
As in: Look at that sluberdegullion, sprawled on the sofa with his tongue lolling out.

20. Lumming: Isn’t bucketing a better word?

Meaning: Heavy rain.
As in: Christ, it’s absolutely lumming down.

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