10 Jul

Yawn11I knew it, and it’s now proven: If I yawn when you’re talking, I am actually paying you a compliment.

BBC Reports:

The common wisdom is that people yawn because they need oxygen, but researchers at the University of Albany in New York said their experiments showed that raising or lowering oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood did not produce that reaction – i mean the act of yawning. Their evidence suggested instead,that yawning actually delays sleep. They arugue that drawing in air helps cool the brain and helps it work more effectively, hence promoting awareness and attention!!!!

So the next time you are telling a story and a listener yawns there is no need to be offended they are actually paying you a compliment!!! And how in heaven’s name can you find a baby’s yawn rude…. Its by far the cutest thing on the planet!!!!

To imagine that Manju (my History teacher) made me stand for 70 minutes when all I was doing was force myself to stay attentive…. Hmph!!!!!! Get over it!!!

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