Three minute Brand Statement

09 Aug

There is one very tough question that all of us must learn to answer. You never know when you would have to answer the famous question, “So what do you do?” or  “What’s your three minute personal brand statement?”  Honestly, for someone who is so articulate when it comes to speaking or telling a story, I seem to get tongue tied when it comes to describing myself. What happens when you have a mosaic of interests, a few abiding passions and are multifaceted? Well, you struggle to define what you really are, and answering that perennial ‘what do you do?’ question can be a nightmare. The challenge is to go beyond the scope of defining oneself by ones day job. Now we all know that I am multidimensional. How do I bring out the multidimensionality of who I am? What’s my story? What can I say about myself that can get me what I want? So like my Boss used to say, “Break it down.” So here I go putting the various pieces of jigsaw that will eventually paint a “Me”!

My talent is that I can communicate. Give me a blank screen and off I go. Ask me to speak to a crowd and I can keep them engaged. I am also the epitome of grace under fire. I keep my calm in an emergency, can be counted on to see the bright side of any situation and my sense of humour helps keep up the spirits of those around me, even in tricky times. I love being able to string words to tell the story in as short and impactful a fashion as possible—cue my made-for-the-social-networking-space incarnation. I get immense satisfaction in using the power of the online media to amplify the reach of my message. I am turned on by the dynamism and the ever-changing nature of the Internet—with its myriad connections and endless possibilities.

 I am also something of an ideas junkie. I was no more than eight when I said to my Mom I want a radio which plays only songs I like all day, can play the same song again and again till I want & is small enough to hang around my neck!!! Hello… almost 3 decades later the iPod was discovered?!?!?! I told a friend to start online music lessons where by she can charge a fraction and teach from home… She now is teaching all days and making enough to hire other teachers for her music school. I heard from someone Shankar Mahadevan does the same J Its like I was made for ideas… I can see what others can’t!

 I love the human story—what makes the person opposite me tick? What brought them to where they are, what arc has their life taken? What motivates them to do what they do? Why is it that some people see opportunity where others perceive obstacles? Why is it that some don’t care about how the world sees them, whereas for others this can be life defining. Why is it that some people become Life Coaches when everyone knows what they know. Why is it that some people “talk” while some are always “talked about”. I have so many stories in my head that Hollywood and Bollywood would make millions out of stories I tell!

 Then there is words… No matter what language it is in, I love to play with words. Being a self proclaimed linguist I pick up nuances in languages very quickly! The mind is constantly making up words out of words. Double entendres and innuendoes are my forte! I am addicted to the adrenaline of finding new ways of saying old things! My sense of humour that I talked about earlier, doesn’t target people (which would make it sarcasm, which I suck at!) it targets words. I love the art of writing! I do have a way with words and manage to churn out piece after piece of writing covering the various interests I have, proving time and again my multifaceted personality with ease and élan.

 Above all I am free spirited. I am aware that it can sound quite nebulous in the business world. But if I love what I do I hate to be tied down by time restraints and other conventional behavioural patterns. I would love to make a difference without having to compromise with myself. I would love to work in a field, which would give me ample opportunity to tap the creative side in me and be branded “the best” in what I do. Like a butterfly, I move light-footed and gracefully from thought to thought, landing on a thought, deriving from it as much as I give it back before I move to the next…


So think about it guys, do you have a “three minute brand statement”?


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