24 May

xposeYup I spent my precious Saturday morning watching Himesh Reshmmiya’s The Xposé!!!!!

A review of this movie definitely deserves a few paragraphs and hence a note and not just a status update!

Firstly, and almost the best part about it is that its a short film… running just under two hours!!! Finally someone in Bollywood gets it!!! Secondly, it’s a mind numbingly stupid film that knows it’s a mind numbingly stupid film and loves it and revels in it, without being melodramatic!!! No one will go and watch the movie for its directorial prowess (Anant Mahadevan… come on!!) or the Hero (Himes!!! you must be crazy) or Music (Himes and Yo Yo Honey Singh… really?!?!?) but a combination of all these topped with the fact that you expect very little to nothing make the movie – dare I say – watchable!!!

Everything in the movie is a copy! Michael Jackson’s background score in Bad – copied. Hai Apna Dil – copied. Ashiqui2’s hum tere bin ab reh nahin saktey – copied. The sets of The Great Gasby – copied. Rivalry between sirens like Parveen Babi and Zeenat – copied. The hero Ravi Kumar is Rajnikanth and is even referred to as Thalaiva in the film – copied. The scene where Zeenat Aman comes in front of the camera for the first time in the temple in Satyam Shivam Sunadaram in the sets of film named similar Ujjwal, Nirmal, Sheetal – copied (remember the song?!?!!)The list goes on. I am sure you will pick up some that I missed out. Honestly there’s very little in the movie that’s original. But the good part is that it doesn’t seem like there was any attempt in trying to hide this fact. Actors, directors, cameramen all of them perfectly comfortable picking up bits and bobs from every available source and “danke ki chot pe” with a “yaar ki frak painda” attitude!!!

And honestly, the dialogues are a treat!!! Would give Navjyot Singh Siddhu a run for his money! One wonders where this guy picked up golden lines like “Tere shareer mein itna khoon nahin hoga jitna Ravi Kumar ek baar mein mooth deta hai” and “Na kafan mein jeb hain, na kabr mein almari aur maut ke farishtey rishwat bhi nahin lete!”. “Sir aap is movie mein hero toh nahin toh aapka role kya hai?” Response by Hime, “SuperHero”! A classic response to the question, “Subbuji, mera role kya hoga?” and he replies, “Na dance na expression na pose sirf expose”… wah wah wah taaaliyaaaan!!! This kind of unintentional hilarity is rampant and one forgets to see how much time till the movie finishes!

A word for Anant Mahadevan he has used Himesh’s inability to act as a feature in this film. A wooden faced cop, turned, actor, turned sleuth, turned lawyer does it all with as much expression as a goldfish in a China shop! And the best part is he is allowed to take credit this time for acting the part and not acting at all!!! Ok ok I don’t mean to confuse you but suffice to say he is so bad he is actually good and exactly what the director and the script expected of him!!!!

Yup, music is the mainstay for me in every movie and I would happily give this one a miss. Copy paste effort everywhere somehow didn’t resonate with me at all!!! Himes bhai forgets that naql ke liye bhi aqal ki zaroorat hoti hai. But we do have a winner in Ankit Tiwari’s rendition of Sheeshe Ka Samundar.
The ghazal-esque reprise by the brilliant Rekha Bhardwaj is pretty spot-on too!!

All in all a kingly 3.9/10 for a movie I wouldn’t have been caught dead watching!

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