A Dumb Eve

31 Dec

Hello there!!!

Eve is back, New Years Eve, that is. Do you remember your last New Year’s Eve or the one before that? Was it everything you dreamed of? No? What about the day after? Did you wake up glowing in your resolution, ready to take the world by storm only to find that your resolve was actually not as strong as the resolution? Probably!

If you know me five minutes you know that I am not by any stretch of imagination a pessimist. But let’s face it, New Year’s Eve has got to be the most disappointing holiday of the year and it is time we stopped pretending otherwise. We need to be realistic. It probably isn’t be best night of your life, nor should it. Every night has the potential to be the best of your life, and we need to start realizing it.

New Year’s Eve has become less about what I’m actually doing and more about what the night symbolizes. Its all just the booze or the Ball. That’s all anyone talks about. So what really makes it different from any other Holiday or for that matter weekend?!?! I remember my last New Year’s Eve. It started off like any other: drink in hand, surrounded by friends and ready for everything the night would hold. We were a large group of friends at a bar and while it was great to meet new people and sing old favourites and dance the night away, that’s all it was. I (and actually all of us present) spent the whole of the next day, effectively New Year’s Day, in a dark room squinting at any light or wincing from the noise of a pin drop!!! Eve, an incredibly short moment in time, with its after effects screaming louder and a lot longer! New Year’s celebrations are honestly a far cry in reality from the oh so fun theory.

There has to be some sort of redeeming quality, doesn’t there? Do we stop to think what we are really celebrating? The birth of a New Year? The passing of a tough previous one? Maybe we are all coming together in this huge mix of positive and negative sentiment to rid ourselves of the last 365 days. We are different people, celebrating whoever we will become until the next time we see the proverbial ball drop.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a New Year hater, I’d like to call myself a New Year realist. I see most people thinking that in the coming 365 days they will somehow and miraculously be better people, with thicker wallets and slimmer waists? That somehow they will be wiser having spent their time constructively trying to achieve bigger and better? In reality, though, we continue to lead the exact same lives, doing the exact same things and yet expect to see different and most times better results?

2015 has held some of the warmest moments and some of the most trying times and I hope to cast off it a different person than I was that night a year ago. My resolution this year (and this time I hope my resolve is just as strong) is to live my days positively, peacefully, kindly and with complete awareness of the present. To let go of the past and expect nothing from the future…

So raise a glass and take a shot for everything the New Year holds. Here’s looking at you 2016…


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