Slow, hot and steamy affair!

29 Apr

Welcome to my world of slow cooking! 761-7784_PI_TPS2068927

I had always dreamt of having a slow cooker. But somehow it was either too big for my kitchen or I just didn’t have time to rediscover cooking slowly after the convenience of super fast microwave cooking for a busy mum.

Then at a Christmas sale, I bought myself a slow cooker (Or a crockpot as the Americans call it) for a measly $30.00! I personally think it is the best $30.00 I have ever spent.  Remember the days of eating at your granny’s when she slow cooked everything??? It was so much tastier, right? The food cooked in this has greater flavour and is far more satisfying,  taste wise!

But my saga of not knowing what to cook in it continued, when Mr. Google (who generally interrupts me to give me results I wasn’t thinking about) put his hands up! I simply couldn’t find any good Vegetarian/Indian recipes using the slow cooker online that I could use… So the innovator in me took over the cook in me and I started creating dishes that I could eat, in the slow cooker (while I cooked the regular food for the family 🙂 ) But it didn’t take long for the rest of the family to love the smell of food when they walked in from work or school to get sold on the food! Unfortunately, like me, you may have to come home to an empty slow cooker when the kids polish off what you would have expected to be a nice hot inviting Rajma, when you walked in after a long day’s work! But if you are anything like me, you would take that as a compliment 😉

Then I had some friends over for lunch and I made the entire meal in slow cooker (yup it did take me three days 🙂 ) But everyone loved the food. The magic is in its slowness. The magic is in its readiness when you are ready to eat it! The magic is in its wholesomeness and full bodied flavour. Trust me, once you have tried slow cooking, you will never go back to regular cooking!

Mine is a humble slow cooker which works perfectly fine. I believe now a days you get the ones with bells and whistles, where you can actually put the crock pot on the fire for initial cooking. Maybe this year for mum’s day I’ll get one of those?!? (hint, hint, nudge nudge, kiddos!!)

So here it is! My official launch of “Cooking Slowly” page in my blog, with Indian vegetarian dishes cooked using primarily the slow cooker! Visit here as often as you like! Let me know if you want a recipe! I will keep updating this as I make new dishes!


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One response to “Slow, hot and steamy affair!

  1. loudisnoteverything

    April 29, 2016 at 6:14 pm

    Looking forward.


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