Jolly LLB 2: Jolly good!

19 Sep

Between study, work and other commitments, i managed to squeeze in this. The reason being two fold – one was the request from friends for my vishesh tippani and two was that i simply loved Jolly LLB 1 and given that it was directed by the same team i was curious to see, what they pulled out of the hat this time. So here goes…

I absolutely loved the movie! Akshay Kumar has taken the mantle from Manoj Kumar and made place for himself as the new Mr.Bharat! His movies over the past few years have been patriotic and elicit a Jana Gana Mana emotion from the viewer. I would not dare to compare Arshad Warsi (Jolly1) and Akshay Kumar (Jolly 2). Personally, Arshad’s journey from mediocre to star was far more believable and script more tightly written that Akshay’s. I suppose the director knew that he had taken a winner in Akshay who makes anything look believable But I think the gaps were far too many… Had it not been for Akshay’s very believable portrayal of nationalism, this movie could have failed massively. It was as though, this time we knew that Jolly would ‘make it’ so it was like watching the movie in retrospect. Don’t get me wrong… he was awesome for sure… just that Warsi’s role was more realistic and better scripted. 

The new man in my life is Saurabh Shukla! His sense of humour and timing is just bang on! From being the dad whose daughter’s wedding card script he is editing in court (which btw is a hilarious scene) to the out of box thinking judge, he was once again fantastic. Supporting roles by Annu Kapoor and Huma Qureshi were done seamlessly. Huma is such a natural with her dialogue rendition. Just noticed a Punjabi twang in the state of Kanpur… but i guess i am being pedantic 

All-in-all a lovely watch! Big screen please so you don’t miss the action scenes and quite frankly, the small screen doesn’t do Akshay any justice…. Akshay like wine and me seems to be getting better with age 

DeeScore 3.5/5

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