Mom – renamed Mom Vom!

19 Sep

I guess, if my husband made a film, he would want me to occupy the most footage, as an actress, that is, if I were Devaki aka Sridevi…. But if you ask me, Boney has gone overboard on this Sridevi starrer, sacrificing story-line and credibility for a Sridevi fix. What could have been a taut thriller is reduced to being a showcase of her exceptional acting prowess, which by the way, we are fully aware of already. And just a suggestion “Sridevi, honey, your looks are fine! You need Botox for ‘Hindi’ dialogue delivery!”

Well…. the movie starts rather rivetingly, with crucial scenes like the rape scene depicted by a moving vehicle and incidents before and after; the distraught and helpless mother looking on as her daughter survives and lives through the mental trauma of a gang rape victim; and the detective saying more with a glance at his daughter to say whose side he is on than the hysteria built up by the parents. However, it doesn’t take too long for the movie to become a pile up of holes and improbabilities.

The real pleaser of course is the brilliant star cast. Nawazuddin Siddiqui sporting a spectacularly ugly hair-piece brings in the right balance of humour and seriousness to a rather sketchily written role. He knows exactly when to switch gears and how to look bold and daring one minute to a timid and loving father the next. Akshaye Khanna is lovely though grossly underused with his role being penned in apparently somewhat of a hurry. Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Ali (apparently popular serial actors!!!) are brilliant! Sajal, making the trauma feel so real and Adnan searing the silver screen with his scorching presence!

Music (which as you know is my greatest mojo) is hardly hummable. Photography is pretty good, especially when they rape is depicted in dimming night lights and in the final scenes at this nondescript snow-capped foothills of god knows where! Dialogues are average and at times thought provoking and subtly humourous, like when told that a certain piece of modern art costs (and has been paid for) 50 lakhs, Siddiqui murmurs under his breath, “Isse toh achcha main paan thuk ke bana deta.” But in the dialogue field, the real disappointment is Sridevi’s horrendous command over Hindi language! (I guess Boney speaks better Tamil than she does Hindi!!!) I just can’t seem to get past her rape of the language!

All in all a Sridevi spinner with hot topic rape-revenge in tow which is just unfortunately an hour too long!

DeeScore: 2.8/5


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