Vikram Vedha

19 Sep


So a movie with my two favourites… Madhavan for his amazing and self-assured presence and Vijay Sethupati for his outstanding acting talent… released on the weekend and it was only natural that I would watch it on the big screen!

I loved how the film started even before it started, so creatively! The anti-smoking/drinking disclaimer cheekily has Madhavan reading out the warning in English while Vijay Sethupathi does the honours in Tamil each pitching to their respective audiences! But that in retrospect is about how easily a person labels another! But lets leave that discussion for another day… and move on…

Loosely based on the ancient folklore of “Vikram Aur Vetal”, Madhavan who plays Vikram plays the no nonsense encounter specialist and Vijay Sethupati plays Vetal the mastermind criminal! Vijay Sethupathi’s portrayal of Vetal just oozes of charisma to the point where you are compelled to root for the extremely smart, witty villain! Madhavan on his part doesn’t need the witty one-liners or excessive dialogues to make you feel the character. The two are ably supported by the female leads Shraddha Srinath and Varalakshmi portraying superbly brave and powerful characters.

So many nice things happening and so one would think I came out feeling inspired! But far from it! Vikram Vedha is a tale of blood, gore and noise! The directors have taken a simplistic and straightforward plot and weaved a complicated mess just to show a cat and mouse game between the badass good cop and a goodhearted sentimental badass criminal! The loud blood bath that ensues is not something I expected.

On the technical side, PS Vinod’s cinematography stood out. And Sam CS’ music, though not hummable ably supports the plot.

Lots to look forward to if you are going to see the movie just for charismatic grey haired Maddy’s presence or Vijay’s ability to take the cop’s black and white world into 50 shades of grey! Be prepared for a run-of-the-mill plot that deviates from its existential crisis at its core to an investigative thriller in the second half slowing down this otherwise ambitious project.
And getting to the crunch… who wins… Vikram or Vetal? Good or evil? Madhavan or Vijay? Was the movie overall good or bad?? I am still to make up my mind…

DeeScore: 3/5 (all marks only for the superb acting)

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