So there’s a Vishal camp in the South and this movie clearly panders to them! He is in every frame of the film! He has done a great job as the Indian version of Sherlock Holmes – and by that i mean emotional and melodramatic with a conscience – but the movie itself leaves a lot to be desired.
Here Sherlock deduces and deduces but its more like guessing; as the viewers don’t get the opportunity to look into his thinking and what made him deduce what he did. Except of course the most obvious one that sound travels faster than light! He gets to yell and shout at a girl he employs because he pities her. Then he gets to cry and cry when…
Having said that, though it started slowly and obscurely, the second half is pretty gripping as the scattered pieces come together. Now you become the Sherlock and guesstimate the next scene and pat yourself for getting it right! The last scene which is rather long was quite elaborate (of course we still don’t know how he knows so much about the antagonist!) Acting by everyone was pretty awesome and the background score added to the effectiveness of the scenes and cinematography!
So if you want to see Vishal, you will love this crime thriller, but if you are expecting a thrilling experience, you may come out wondering whether you liked the movie or not… like me now… kinda like … whateva!!!
DeeScore: 3/5
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DeeKeto Cutlet

One of my most favourite dishes is a Delhi street food called Tikki Choley! Its a potato cutlet doused in chick pea curry. Crisp yet soft, savoury with a tangy sweet sauce and crisp pink onion and tomato salad on top!

My DevaKeto diet motivated me to make a vegan, low carb high protein cutlet that tastes exactly like its original counterpart (which is made from potatoes). It is nutritious and filling without compromising on taste!

And the best thing is that it is easy as 1-2-3!


  1. 1 cup – soya chunks
  2. 1 – onion, medium sized
  3. 1- grated carrot
  4. 2 tbsp corn kernel
  5. Few  broccoli and cauliflower flowerets grated
  6. 1/2 tsp – Red Chilli powder
  7. 2 tbsp – Coriander leaves
  8. 2 tbsp – millet, powdered
  9. Oil – 3 tbsp or as required to toast/deep fry
  10. Salt – to taste

For coating:

4 tbsp – coarsely ground oats


  1. Soak soya chunks in boiling water for 15-20 minutes. Wash thoroughly.
  2. Drain water completely and squeeze to remove excess water and mash or process in food processor.
  3. In a wide bowl, mix the  soya chunks, chopped onion, grated carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, corn kernels, coriander leaves, red chilli, garam masala powder, required salt and mix well.
  4. Add the millet powder to bind together and make small round or oval shaped patties.
  5. Dip it in the coarsely ground oats until coated well on both the sides.
  6. Heat a pan with oil and cook it on both sides until golden brown.
  7. Serve hot on its own or with chaney and meethi chutney garnished with onions, tomatoes, coriander and boondi or sev.
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HAPPY BHAAG JAYEGI: Takes the cake and runs away with it

Nothing to do in an empty nest I sat down to watch this movie with a view to bad mouth the director for making a hindi version of Runaway bride!!!! And I am so glad i watched this one!!!

The only connection it has with the runaway bride is how the bride runs away in a hurry in the first scene! Like a light and fluffy lemon sponge cake this movies is a fresh and light-hearted take on cross-border camaraderie that revolves around a ‘runaway bride’ with ample gags… both spastic and clever… and a lavish helping of romance. As long as you leave logic behind and watch it just for fun, its a lot of fun! 

The movie’s two pillars were – Comedy and Happy! The director explored the comedy in Urdu’s poetic misunderstandings when brought across the border and cat and mouse chase between the various characters with elan. But he did not do justice to Happy the Punjabi woman with spunk and gaiety with whom everyone falls in love once they get to know her. The character lacked depth and Diana Penty did the most she could given her awful script! 

The one that shone brightly was Abhay’s girlfriend, Momal Sheikh a Pakistani actress! Acting by Abhay Deol is top class as always, but my heart was with Jimmy Shergill!!! His always the best man never the groom act has sort of grown on me! Actually everyone did their bit pretty well and the team work shone through.

A must watch… on a lazy weekend, with some cheesy pizza and a nice Red! 

DeeScore: 4/5

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My review should just be that… unlike the film which is verbose and merely a sea of words and dialogues which are at best “same old same old” and at worst straining to be natural, causing my eyes permanent damage from three hours of eye rolls!!! Dialogues that are supposed to be deep and philosophical instead are just really plain, hollow banter.

Alia is great as a vulnerable go getting cinematographer who hides a little scared girl under her rebellious and tough exterior! Many years ago I swore i would never “Pay” money to watch SRK… and that decision paid off this time! Music leaves a lot to be desired!

So all-in-all, what could have been a great film ( ‘cos i must admit, the storyline was good) is just another SRK starrer!

Dee rating: 2/5

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KAHANI 2: Sadhu ya Shaitaan

What’s in a name???? Well… everything! Especially a name like this sets expectations. That it will take off where Kahani left off. And quite honestly, except for Vidya Balan and the now familiar Kolkatta Police uniform there is nothing similar! Maybe if all Sujoy Ghosh wanted was a deja vu experience, he should have called it… “Sadhu ya Shaitan”! That would have us looking for something else! and we would probably have found it!

The movie was totally gripping and tight in the first half. Not one frame is wasted. The scene is set to a compassionate school worker (not a teacher) with a painful past encounters a pretty little girl with whom she senses a strange bond. The plot seamlessly builds up wrought with dread and tension as the woman, Durga Rani Singh (Vidya Balan) tries getting close to the unnaturally silent and suspiciously reticent Mini (Naisha Singh). In the course of events she quite unwittingly gets involved in a murder and kidnapping. So is she a goodie or a badie???

Up until this point (which marks the interval), the audience is spell-bound. Vidya, plays her role to perfection. Her depiction of the role of a complex woman and her apparent inability to sustain a romantic relationship due to a childhood trauma, her strong bond with the little and defenceless child she sees going through the same trauma, her helplessness, and her inexplicable strength when she is determined to save this child from the clutches of all-powerful, abusive adults is a horror that is tough to imagine, let alone to live through; is brilliant. She powers the film, making even the most illogical scenes convincing. And, of course, her character saves the day 

As a matter of fact, to their credit all the actors were good… Jugal Hansraj as the unctuous uncle, Amba Sanyal as the creepy grandmother and Arjun Rampal as the dapper cop who reveals the gory story in a flashback as he reads the journal of this woman from his past who lies in a hospital bed in a coma.

And then in a flash, the bread fell buttered side down and the movie went belly up  The strings that held the fabric of the movie so tightly, slackened and it started to fall apart! Though it makes sense in retrospect, the plot loses the plot… so to speak, as all Bollywood films are wont to do and leaves you with the “BiiiiiiG Deal… I knew that” experience 

But honestly speaking, I would see it if only just for VB and the first half! You cant but help yourself await the ‘sequel’ to this one!!!

Dee Score: 3/5

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Jolly LLB 2: Jolly good!

Between study, work and other commitments, i managed to squeeze in this. The reason being two fold – one was the request from friends for my vishesh tippani and two was that i simply loved Jolly LLB 1 and given that it was directed by the same team i was curious to see, what they pulled out of the hat this time. So here goes…

I absolutely loved the movie! Akshay Kumar has taken the mantle from Manoj Kumar and made place for himself as the new Mr.Bharat! His movies over the past few years have been patriotic and elicit a Jana Gana Mana emotion from the viewer. I would not dare to compare Arshad Warsi (Jolly1) and Akshay Kumar (Jolly 2). Personally, Arshad’s journey from mediocre to star was far more believable and script more tightly written that Akshay’s. I suppose the director knew that he had taken a winner in Akshay who makes anything look believable But I think the gaps were far too many… Had it not been for Akshay’s very believable portrayal of nationalism, this movie could have failed massively. It was as though, this time we knew that Jolly would ‘make it’ so it was like watching the movie in retrospect. Don’t get me wrong… he was awesome for sure… just that Warsi’s role was more realistic and better scripted. 

The new man in my life is Saurabh Shukla! His sense of humour and timing is just bang on! From being the dad whose daughter’s wedding card script he is editing in court (which btw is a hilarious scene) to the out of box thinking judge, he was once again fantastic. Supporting roles by Annu Kapoor and Huma Qureshi were done seamlessly. Huma is such a natural with her dialogue rendition. Just noticed a Punjabi twang in the state of Kanpur… but i guess i am being pedantic 

All-in-all a lovely watch! Big screen please so you don’t miss the action scenes and quite frankly, the small screen doesn’t do Akshay any justice…. Akshay like wine and me seems to be getting better with age 

DeeScore 3.5/5

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RANGOON: Paisa Fizool!!!! 

So I went to watch this film because it was said to be a classic tale that had the musical charm of Moulin Rouge, the romance of Casablanca and the intensity and drama of Saving Private Ryan. But the music was less than impressive, in spite of near bare breasts the chemistry was nil and drama was just… ayoh rama!!!

Once again I proved to myself that I’d much rather watch Kangana where i can forward her presence! Saif to say, the master of Parinita and Eklavya didn’t have his heart in it! Shahid Kapoor was kinda bearable but anything more would be too much to say!
The storyline caught me sleeping a couple of times as it painfully weaved through the life of this “Hantarwali”esque KR.
The only thing that stood out in the movie was that KR has polished her English!
That’s 3 hours of my life I will never get back!!!! Bloody Hell!!!!

 DeeScore: 1/5
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