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ae-dil-hai-mushkil-2aThat’s a two movie streak for me!!! Bollywood is starting to make some good stuff!!! From the outrageous Happy Bhag Jayegi that i loved to the sublime Ae Dil Hai Mushkil its all good!!! I Loooooved the movie!!!!

Johar once again sets his movie overseas! Nothing says romance like Europe! And Karan exploits the unmistakable charm of England and Paris to give his movie that XFactor!!! And oh! he ditches NY for a splash of posh Vienna! There’s magic in the air!

Once again KJo explores a difficult relationship in the Indian mind set! Can a man and woman be just ‘Friends’! He packs the most sumptuous relationship drama, where characters pair up, leave, and return, all to explore ‘freedom’ in a relationship. Extremely witty in places and a corpus of sighs and tears where you simply want the lovers to fall into each other’s arms because you can’t bear to see them apart anymore, at another, the movie moves seamlessly from one situation to another! I would have loved to see some relationships that got side lined, explored a bit more. A little more real estate to Fawad would have been good too. KJo’s gamble to focus on characters more than the plot paid off!

Ranbir is electrifying and oh! so believable as an intense youngster! The Breakup dance in the Silent Disco was fantastic! Anouska however for me stole the show. Surprising me with her impeccable timing on the humour which was in itself a cut above the rest, her emotional moments were just as believable. Her admission that friendship was her strength and love made her weak was a touch of class! Aish as the cougar, femme fatale and ‘Walking talking Ghalib’ was a waste of space and no amount of make-up can make her look better than she is! (The good thing is, I got some dressing tips on how to hide those thunder thighs 😉 ) Fawad Khan has his moments… but considering he was there only for a few moments that was 100% of the time 🙂 Lisa Haydon does her role of a ditsy girlfriend quite naturally 😉 Shahrukh has lost his charm (if he had any, that is) and was there because according to KJo “We love Shahrukh Khan”!

The music however left a lot to be desired!!! Generally KJo movies leave you humming a song for days after! However Pritam lets him down with his loud cacophony! Actually I wish there was NO background score. The ‘Silence’ they talk about in the film is shattered by the incessant loud instruments and most of the time just shakes you out of your stupor! Even the use of old songs and known ghazals does not resurrect his music venture!

Also, the tenacity and tempo of the first half is lost and the acting rendered useless by lack of script ingenuity in the second half. The narrative, post interval, is sluggish and drags on like an amputated snail. In spite of some humour from Ranbir, you miss the vivacious presence of Anoushka!

But don’t let that discourage you! A nice sense of fun with smart one-liners and jokes and dancing to outrageous songs pile up relentlessly carrying you through the film effortlessly! The ILU of the 80s and 90s is successfully replaced by IFU!!!! I could go on and on, but I would be revealing too much of the film! Enough to say that all-in-all its a great movie! A must watch…

DeeScore: 4/5


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